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Date updated: January 2017



I am working part time at as Computer Systems Manager (British for Chief Information Officer I guess) at ARCA (formerly Baker Tilly MKM). Basically, what I do is (in descending order of time spent so far since 2008): purchasing & recruiting, system-administration & setup, research & development, coordination, and internet-marketing.


I am also learning martial arts, calisthenics, yoga, qigong, internet marketing, and events organizing by experience with my training groups (Age of Rage of Range, Whoop Ass Party, Bujinkan Tori Dubai, Dubai Vegan), while applying them into work, life, and an internet-based business (gradually a real business) I call 3LA Net (for 3 Level Alliance Network), mainly consisting of 3LAW (3 Level Alliance Way) which is the branding, affiliate, and self-development arm of 3LA Net.



For good health, I am training in internal martial arts (rely on chi or ki, and knowledge of anatomy and mechanics) for self-defense (not for fitness or competition) in the form of Muay Boran (Thailand’s original battle-field Muay Thai), Wing Chun (a wooden-dummy and butterfly-knife popular Chinese wushu), Ninjutsu (Japanese art of the Ninja), some weapons (Kali, Bo Juitsu, Iaido Juitsu (Samurai: Katana, Wakazashi), Nun chucks, Blades, Shurikens), and a wee bit of Judo, Wrestling, and Brazilian Jui Jitsu.


For the more spiritual aspect of health, I also practise Yoga in terms of flexibility, meditation (for mental clarity, enlightenment, and manifestation), and cleansing (nasal passages and digestive system). Currently I regularly practise 3LAW Yoga (wake up, self-defense, before sleep) and Kunjal Kriya (digestive system cleansing). I sometimes practise Raja Yoga (by the virtuous Brahma Kumaries), Sudarshan Kriya (breathing method by the charitable Art of Living), Anapanasati (breathing method by one of the last Buddhas that founded the International Dhamma Hermitage), Jal Neti (nasal cleansing). I also try to practise a bit of Grace Light Meditation (by Dr. Pilay) and various Law of Attraction medtiations available on the net.


Though I would like a relationship, I only want one that is an actual partnership based on mutual understanding not on selfishness (lust, greed, laziness, etc.), and possessiveness (strings, demands, jealousy, anger). My partner must have the characters of ASC: assistance (calm, open-mind, supportive, considerate, reliable, reachable, trust-worthy), similar (in some values and hobbies), communicative (good language skills, mature enough to speak, and regularly, especially in case of conflict to patch things up quick).



The best way is to call me on my mobile. First you must get it ;]

The second best way is to write me at any of my social-network sites found at Home.

The third best way is to write me a comment at any of my blogs.





I currently live in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), specifically Dubai, specifically Dubai Marina, specifically None Of Your Bees Wax ;].

I also live in UAE: Abu-Dhabi, and sometimes in Canada, specifically Ontario, specifically Toronto. Also perhaps one day, Iraq.






MoWrOw: the row reasons


MoW is short for my first name, and Row is for my last. If you notice, each has a meaning, each is linked to a verb.


Mow is linked to the verb of cutting grass implying regulation and organization, not hating nature.

Row is linked to the act of traveling in water, which implies uniformity and determination to reach the destination.


SloWmOw: The SloW reasons


It’s a nick created by my bro for me, however, there are several reasons to why I use this nick besides possible reasons of ridicule:


1. It's a good rhyme


2.It emphasizes the 'W' at the end of MoW which is my most general and apparently easiest nick. Note that is it is NOT “maaw”.


3.I am a pretty deep and thoughtful person. 


4.I like to do things well. If I get to do something then it's hard to just get it done and over with.


5.I am pretty precautious and careful.


6. I am a structured being. That is, I tend to organize almost everything I see, also tend to do things in steps rather in leaps.


7. I am indeed rather slow sometimes and at somethings - especially like Maths.


8. I liKe silly humor, silly jokes, and silliness basically.


9. It’s a nick that grabs attention not just because of its rhyme but because it’s funny/silly.


10. I love the internet and the idea of digitalizing life. And you all know how slow the internet kan get!


11. I just looVe slow-motion, especially in mooVeez liKe The Matrix, which revolutionized the special effect.


12. I like to write manuals, and you know how long that takes. As well as that, the word ‘manual’ implies not automatic, which implies slow !


13. I am real mellow sometimes.



XyeguY: The Xye secrets


It all started when I was a teenee weenee baybee.. haHah j. It all started in high skool... ppl used to call me psycho. And you know why? Well you don't want to know....


lOl jj ... I was rather eccentric and strange and well.. I didn't liKe ppl very much, not that I used to hurt them, I just .. didn't liKem.. I was .... paranoid .. maybe


I used to be pretty blue, by that I mean my former extreme shyness and reservedness made me feel rather blue.. most of the time 8[  So I decided to reflect that in my name so I called myself PsychoBlue. Funny thing, a girl once, pretty surely based on it, called herself BlueManiac. To Arabs however, maniac means slut 8p.


So .. as time went by.. and I became less and less blue, but definitely not red, perhaps purple haHah, I decided to go by PsyGuy. Some made fun of that name saying things like “yo PussyGuy!” …etc. Real funny thing in this Psy-era is that a friend of mine took on it and called herself PsyGirl. Now that was embarrassing ... if you can see why.


Wellllllllllllll... as time went by .. my voKab grew (and my spelling worsened :P) and I disKovered words liKe Xyelophone or wateVer begins with an X and realized "hey kool, Xs are kool ! " so I beKame... XyeguY !











MesoptAI-MOW-IAn RangeR



MowZillA -Guardia




MowZarT / MoWzArT

mowFonsow / MowFonsoW / MofonsoW

SloWmOw SkyWoKer

MowZarT / MoWzArT




MoW-HeaD –James

mowzy mow ~James (~Bella)

OrgazRow! ~Me (Orgazmo)

OrgazMoW ~Me (Orgazmo)

MowRowkz -VoOv
















Meltin' .;'MoW';.





SineoR SloWmOw

Misieu Mow


marshMelloW –CarrIe

FrankenSloWmOwsTeIn ~Me(-Jamez)




YM RangeR






Sunshine –MammaTracy


cRow –Rev


Rowl Mowdel –Low Jow Tow Pow

Rowk & Rowl –Low Jow Tow Pow

heRow –Low Jow Tow Pow

bRow –Low Jow Tow Pow


Rowler of Dubai Mowrina –Low Jow Tow Pow

Mowst Rowyal Highness –Low Jow Tow Pow

Dalai Lamow -Low Jow Tow Pow

iRownMan -Low Jow Tow Pow



If you are the socialist shallow type, then to you, I am 5’7, slightly tanned, black hair, brown eyes, athletic, have no fashion sense, economical, and can stick with the same shoes for as long as they last.


If you are the colonized and culturally-restricted type, then to you, I am an Iraqi by origin, a Canadian by passport, an Emirati by birth, a German by structure, and an Iranian by looks.


If you are a conceptual individualist, then to you, I am an idealist who craves for principal, meaning, quality, order, health, unity, automation and technology.





These are my traits’ levels using a meter that it spanned by my age, and scoped by my age-spanned environment. Scope includes Abu-Dhabi, Dubai, Jordan, Canada, and family.


- Social: low

- Hygienic:

- personal: high

- environmental: medium

- Emotional: low

- Open-mindedness: high

- Humor: medium to high

- Commitment & Determination: very high

- Athletic: high

- Economical: high

- Domestic: very high

- Health-consciousness:

- physical: high

- food: very high

- Structural:

            - superficial: very high

            - conceptual: very high

- Deepness: very high

- Rigorousness (accuracy): high

- Meticulousness (detail) : high

- Tolerance:

- people: low to medium

            - problems: medium to high

- Flexibility: low

- Temperament:

- with people: calm to nervous

- without people: calm

- Energy level: medium to high

- Tech savviness: high

- Musical tolerance:

- Global: low to medium

- English: very high

- Political: liberal / democrat





I am only slightly social, that is: I believe in socializing when the need arises, when the chance strikes, or when there’s something to celebrate. Due to my principle of equality, I reach back to people that reach out to me, but due to my principle of priority, and not so sociable nature, I may not do so very quickly. Just as I put it upon myself to give back or reach back to friends in return, I expect that my friends do the same.


I have a Canadian / British / Iraqi accent, so you won’t be able to identify it ;] I tend to prefer text-talking over verbal-talking.


I tend to get rather irritated around sloppy people or overly economical ones (which leads to the junk-effect) or ones that stick around or like to talk too much.


I am open-minded to all views, but I have a hatred towards the culturally-inclined mindset, that is, the colonized mindset of having friends only or mainly from the same nationality. I hate this mindset more than racism itself.


I seriously dislike to hurt others. I strive to make others around me comfortable even if at my own eXpense. I try to adapt to all sorts of different kinds of ppl to eXperince full color and diversity.


My favorite kinds of ppl are ones who are calm, highly proactive and don't take things too seriously. Those kind of ppl make me most comfortable and make me feel happier all the time. I highly admire ppl who can control their emotions at all times and strive to be a lot like them. True power lies in true tranquility and the ability to stay solidly rooted into the floor without letting the violent waves  of life shake the adamant human foundation.



My interests are diverse and I do not place a limit on them, hence are almost constantly growing. 



I am athletic and love fitness infinitely. I'm very health-conscious and sometimes tend to wash my hands too often. My showers take a minimum of about 20 minutes.



I am very rarely spontaneous because I plan most of the time. "If you fail to plan than you plan to fail". I love the idea of protocol and standard operation procedures. I like to have things in order. I spend a lot of time making protocols and planning things out. My hate for Math melted ever since I started to use it to organize my life better.



I am very fond of humor and animation and just love to have a lively point of view... an exuberant view to keep me lively and alive 24 7 11.




Vid games, fitness(swimming, martial arts, weight lifting, nutrition), journaling, photography, electronics, programs, designing, planning & researching, TV shows (cartoons especially), movies, networking, browsing.



Following are the categories of interests, and for each, preference in descending order.



These are the styles of music I like in descending order:

1. New Age/Ambience (Enigma…)

2. Jazz: Easy or Acid (Acoustic Alchemy...)

3. Classical: Movie scores/Neo classical (Vangelis...)

4. Electronica (Fatboy Slim …)

5. New Wave (Depeche Mode…)

6. Parody pop (Weird Al)

7. Alternative: pop/rock/ adult (The Beta Band …)

8. Arena Rock (Guns 'n' Roses RoK)

9. PoP (The king of pop.. you know who)

10. R N B (ALL Saints ALL-ways)



1.      MS Outlook (saves plenty of time with multiple emails, easy to make signatures with, easy to synchronize with, etc.)

2.      Skype (silent but very useful and money saving)

3.      Live Messenger (highly cool J )



1. Martial Arts (Muay Thai and Bujinkan and nun chucks especially)

2. Swimming (endurance and creativity)

5. Strength Training (AKA weight lifting, specifically Strength & Power) (check out GHF)

3. Dancing (best sports-form of creativity)

4. Basketball (a sport with an attitude)

5. Ping Pong (a self explanatory sport!)

6. Pool (the best brain exercise sport alive)

7. Soccer (specifically shooting)



1.      The Matrix (amazing portrayal of life in a Buddhist and realistic perspective, full with ground-breaking never-seen before special-effects)

2.      Lord of the Rings (fantasy that takes you far away, and gets you to appreciate the beauty of the world too)

3.      Avatar (highly technological, and makes you stop and think about what you are doing to the beautiful world we live(d) in)

4.      SpiderMan (story of an idealist struggles and choices, and the graphics are out of this world)

5.      The 5th Element (very cool and humorous depiction of the future)

6.      The Lawn Mower Man (A classic tech movie the dangers of technology)

7.      Blade (Martial arts at its best)

8.      Monsters Inc (smooth animations and a pretty neat depiction of monsters)

9.      Finding Nemo (superb story and animation and entertainment too)

10.  iRobot (a very logical view of robots and what they might be capable of)

11.  Anti-Trust (Monopolies’ conspiracies)

12.  The Emperor's Groove (David Spade's so funnee!)

13.  Snap (very nice taste of culture and music and greed)



1.      Grocery Gateway (simply splendid, revolutionized grocery shopping, excellent service)

2.      GHF (Global Health & Fitness-my source of fitness. Very generous bunch J )

3. (eBay for the Middle East)

4.      Internet Business School (very knowledgeable people and in various fields of an internet-business, and fast too!)

5.      Xerox (the BEST service in the world)

6.      Logitech (can't complain one bit)

7.      Creative (the audio masters)

8.      eBay (but should never use UPS, only USPC from the US)



Techchico ~Techchico

Limonada -Rain

KneeGrow –Zed The Excessive


XSV –Zed The Excessive

eRain –Rain

Homer Hardon ~<a href=””>Pornalizer</a>

MaTriXteR ~MoW (MaTrIxTeR)

iZer ~MoW (Icer5k)

iCer ~MoW (Icer5k)

SaVaRaGe ~MoW (Savagerage)

SaVaRaJ ~MoW (Savagerage)

Prejudice Bush ~MADtv

Madman In A Sandbox ~Chrisant

cZeCh mAtE ~Gondum

Niggerachi ~Buzz

YoMaMa -Mow

TigerGuy -MoW









I don't give a damn about nationalities but value them as a means for difference and diversity. I like to be familiar with many different cultures no matter your ethnicity, or religious backgrounds, whether you were secular, agnostic, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jew, extremist even... absolutely whatever, it doesn't really matter.


I believe that community can’t be achieved without individuality and inner learning. “True learning comes from within”. Only if I don’t have anymore time to do something that I should be doing myself – in order to learn from – then do I asK people about it. Besides, one must rely on his/herself because honestly, no one will be there for you as much as yourself.


I dislike casual sex and any excuses for it. I think the excuses are dull and immoral, as well as pathetic. Making up excuses because you're actually addicted to something simply doesn't justify it. In fact, sex itself cannot be really justified. If you can give me a true benefit of sex itself (without the benefits of love) then I am all ears.


My organizational tendencies, broad mind and respect-for-all attitude also allows way for me to be a democrat. I believe that the whole world is a sensitive and beautiful egg that need not tampered with. To me, the world is one society and if one country corrupts then the whole world is affected. I do however, object to the US being this unified model of society. I value diversity and crave for color. I define a racist as a person who simply differentiates races. We are all "adamites" in the face of God and the only meaning for all those different races is simple representation of identity and a way to add diversity.





My dream right now is to create 3LA Net, which is a collection of self-development businesses, mainly constitenconsistent of philosophy, self-control, nutrition, and martial arts niche-based businesses. I am currently working on the martial arts one (Raw3K meaning Raw 3-Level-Alliance Kombat) and 3LAW (3 Level Alliance Way, the self-development branding, affiliate, and self-development hub).




Currently, I use the following electronics

-          cell-phone: Nokia Xpress Music 5310 (slick, durable, and highly multifunctional)

-          camera: Canon IXUS 100 IS (panorama capable!!!)

-          laptop: LG R405 (very durable, and looks DAMN good!)

-          keyboard & mouse: 2 (Genius in AUH, Microsoft in DXB)

-          webcams: 3 (LG built-in, Genius in AUH, Touchmate in DXB)



Currently, I use the following applications:

-          browser: Internet Explorer 8 (the best for Windows system-administration)

-          picture editor: IrfanView

-          email: MS Outlook 2003



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