What is V?

V stands for version.


What is V for?


Major changes. An increase in version number reflects a modification of style to one element in all its instances (example: to all update-date notices) or modifications in the number of pages, company of hosting, or the program used.

This is done in order to keep the surfer up to date with the latest major changes, and to give the surfer a feel for the MoWmanic organizational evolution and change.


And minor changes?

Content updates are indicated as ‘latest update’ on the home and main-menu pages, and ‘last update’ on each page.



0.05: format change (changed font type, font color, font size, font effect, new background)

0.10: format addition (changed font type, font color, font size, font effect, new background)

0.25: page deletion

0.50: page addition

0.75: feature change (e.g. different news ticker content or design)

1.00: feature addition (e.g. date updated notice / news ticker / advertisement …)

1.50: host change (hosting provider)

2.00: program addition (supplementary program )

3.00: program change (main program)


Following are the changes that have taken place. Each version is followed by the reasons for its creation:


- v3.00 (program change): switched from Yahoo!PageBuilder to Mozilla | disposed of many limitations such as font and file compatibility

- v6.00 (program change): switched from Mozilla to Word 2003 | disposed of inability to make custom & automatically-updating styles | changed format:  including levels (1,2,3), hyperlinks, and navigation-header

- v7.00 (feature addition): added new element: update-date notice

- v7.05 (format change): changed update-notice font

- v7.55 (page addition) : added ‘v.htm’: v (version) explanation and history page (this page 8D)

- v7.60 (format change): changed ‘update-notice’ color

- v9.10 (host change): From Yahoo! Geocities to Locias.

- v9.15 (format change): update-notice font from Tempus ITC to Goudy Old Style italics

- v10.65 (host change): from Locias to GoDaddy’s InnoDomains .

- v11.40 (feature change): different V scheme

- v11.50 (format addition): added level 4 font (Georgia, size 14, sea green)

- v11.55 (format change): changed level 3 font color from pale-blue to lime

- v13.05 (host change): from GoDaddy to FatCow.

- v13.10 (format change): changed all page backgrounds


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